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Our Response to Sen. Codey Calling Morris GOP 'Stupid'

I want to thank Sen. Cody for his cogent observations on the way Morris County Republicans run our party. His comments, based on decades of experience as a liberal, tax increasing Democrat, will be given their due respect by the Morris County GOP. However, I believe Sen. Codey has more than enough on his plate trying to rectify the economic and social damage he, Gov. Murphy and his party have done to New Jersey.

The membership of the Morris County Republican Committee would be more interested in hearing Sen. Codey’s plans to lower property taxes for middle class families, fair school funding, the governor’s mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis, and improving the state’s horrendous business climate. If the senator wants to address these issues before the Morris County Republicans, I am sure we would consider such a proposal.

Laura Marie Ali


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