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The Morris County Republican Committee Leads the Way In Innovation by Announcing the First Political NFT Launch

PARSIPPANY, NJ – Chairwoman Laura Marie Ali announced today that the Morris County Republican Committee (MCRC) will be the first political party in the state of New Jersey to pilot an NFT (Non Fungible Token) launch as part of its 2022 Digital Marketing Campaign and Fundraising Strategy. In fact, MCRC will be the first Republican organization in the country to do so.

“Morris County Republicans are committed to leading the way in innovation and technology that delivers results.  We are excited that our initial launch will be three categories of NFTs at different price points as part of our 2022 digital marketing strategy this month.  We are confident that this strategy will both attract new, engaged members and donors to our party”, Chairwoman Ali said.

“With more donors attracted to our organization through NFTs, we can raise the money needed to power our campaigns against the state’s deep-pocket Democrats. Republicans in New Jersey have to avail themselves of every opportunity to grow the party and win elections,” added the Chairwoman.  

Ali said she believes the MCRC is the first Republican County organization in the nation to embrace fundraising through NFT’s.  “The Morris County Republican Committee is uniquely positioned to implement this new way for people to engage with the Republican Party and the Morris County Republican brand. NFTs have exploded in the areas of art, games, and collectibles with over $24.9 billion worth of NFTs sold in 2021 with $5 billion sold in January of 2022 YTD so far”.


An NFT is a non-fungible token: non- fungible” meaning that it is unique and has a way of recording proof of ownership on a blockchain, giving the buyer confidence that what they are buying is authentic.  It also provides provable scarcity and demand which gives NFTs their value. This one-of-a-kind digital asset can be bought and resold by the owner. 


Owning one of these limited edition NFT Collectibles comes with special perks and benefits like admission to a party, VIP seating at conventions, and special offers.


The sale of the NFT’s will begin Thursday, January 27 when 39 Platinum level NFTs, 199 Gold and 500 “Take Back NJ” digital buttons will be available. The Platinum NFTs will sell for $1,000 a piece; the Gold for $500 and the buttons will sell for $50 each. To get on the list to learn more about the NFTs and make a purchase go to    The NFT can only be purchased with a credit card. The purchase of the tokens is compliant with New Jersey’s Election Law Enforcement Commission donor regulations.

Purchasers of the Platinum and Gold NFTs will receive certain benefits provided by the MCRC. 


“We have been working with an exceptional partner on this project since the summer that has made the end user buying experience easy.  There is no need to own or understand cryptocurrency.  They have been working hard to develop an ELEC compliant front end to enable new users to purchase these one-of-a-kind NFTs. Buying one is easy with a one-click signup and a credit card.  All initial NFT purchasers will have special access to our next NFT launch this Spring to coincide with our annual convention”, said Chairwoman Ali.  “Also, by putting your name on our contact list at, you will be entered into a free drawing for a free NFT.”


You can watch our explainer video and find out more information about the actual launch and benefits of NFT ownership by accessing the pre-launch webpage at

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