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Morris County Will Remain Red When All the Votes Are Counted

The media circus among us circling like wild fire, the thoroughly false narrative that Morris County races are "unofficially" called is irresponsible and wrong.

The Morris County Board of Elections has released ballot counts of approximately 115,000 ballots, with nearly 150,000 remaining in their possession. This 150,000 remaining does not include what arrived in provisional ballots on election day, or the number that has arrived in the mail yesterday or today. The 115,000 votes that were counted were the earliest ballots returned. Democrats took a strong lead in early returns. But close monitoring of daily returns after that revealed a large, growing margin of daily returned ballots from Republican voters over Democrat voters. On election day morning, there were 5,400 more Republican ballots returned than Democrat ones. In addition to ballot count return numbers, we have been keeping watchful integrity checks on returned ballots throughout the county. More on this to follow from our legal team.

Races should absolutely should not have been called, based on the small percentage of Morris County results made public.

There is a path to Victory for all Republican candidates in Morris County. Every vote deserves to be counted. We will absolutely make certain that they are.

Stay tuned for results (hopefully) soon.

Laura Marie Ali

Chairwoman of the Morris County Republican Committee

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Nov 08, 2020

I went on the website ( which stated i was not registered.

which i am. these was the same case for over 1,400 new jersey’s residence, whom also are republicans and voted for Trump.

basically our vote did not count.

we all are very upset and feel helpless, what course of action can we take.

i also know for a fact that the same thing happened to other republican in other states.

thank you in advance.

stacey l. marotta

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