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Vote for Positive Change on January 16th

Dear Friends,

As the Morris County Republican Committee (MCRC) volunteer coordinator, I took great pride working side-by-side with many of you during the campaign.

I know firsthand how hard our GOP volunteers work to elect great candidates, which is why I believe that those very county committee people are the most qualified to choose who the Morris County Republican Committee endorses in the Primary election.

The proposed bylaw modification establishing a Morris County Republican Committee Convention to select candidates to receive the MCRC slogan and preferred ballot placement would be solely the decision of the county committee vote, not a chairperson or screening committee. Empowering the county with the responsibility to vet the best candidates allows those running for office the opportunity to interact and have a real dialogue with the voters, without having to organize large scale primary campaigns. As of now, the MCRC is one of only a few partisan county parties (Republican and Democrat) not to have an endorsement process in place, putting our candidates at a disadvantage. Having an endorsement process provides our Republican candidates with an advantage while providing county committee members with a greater role in selecting statewide and federal candidates.

As recent election results have shown, now more than ever before we must coalesce as Republicans to focus on winning elections - against Democrats. We can no longer battle each other in ugly June primaries and then go on with confidence into the November general election.

I urge each of my County Committee friends to vote YES on January 16th!

Most Sincerely,

Christine Fano

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