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  • Laura Marie Ali, Chairwoman

The Morris County Republican Party Declines Debates Hosted by the League of Women Voters

PARSIPPANY, NJ – The Morris County Republican Committee has decided to politely decline invitations for its Republican candidates to participate in forums hosted and moderated by the Morris County League of Women Voters (LWV).

While the LWV states on its website that it is “proud to be nonpartisan,” the organization’s recent track record has unfortunately demonstrated a distinct and overwhelming bias against Republicans and the issues that they stand for. The national LWV organization has ostensibly adopted a progressive, leftist platform over the last several years. Here in Morris County, the LWV Board, which is largely comprised of registered Democrats, have become advocates of these causes that have little to no relevance to local governance. Also of concern is the fact that the President of LVW is running on the Morris Township Democrat ticket this year, in violation of the policy that precludes Board members from running for or holding political office. She stepped down from the LWV leadership only after securing the Democrat party’s nomination. Finally, the typical design and format of the LWV’s “Forum” favors Democrat candidates, with questions vetted by the LWV Board and topics steered toward the progressive national agenda, in favor of those with local relevance.

“Opting out of the League forums is on me, not the local candidates. As the leader of the party, I see no benefit to the Republican candidates to participate in this type of forum hosted by a League that has spent the last year advocating for progressive, leftist causes,” stated the Chairwoman of the Party, Laura Marie Ali. “We look forward to other opportunities to debate in forums that are balanced and fair and that give all candidates equal time to communicate their platforms and positions on local matters. Morris County is the best-run county in the state of New Jersey, and that’s a credit to consistent Republican leadership, policies and fiscal prudence that our candidates intend to continue to serve our residents.”

Any questions should be addressed to Chairwoman Ali at 973 998-4955 or

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