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Morris GOP Chair Says Gov. Murphy’s 2022 Budget Will Be Rallying Point For Candidates In The Fall

Budget Allows Murphy to Play Santa Claus

Morris County Republican Committee Chairwoman Laura Ali says the state’s new fiscal year budget should propel Republicans throughout the state to dump Gov. Phil Murphy in November and elect Republicans on the municipal, county and state levels of government.

“If ever the New Jersey Republicans needed a rallying point to energize voters across the political spectrum, the Democrats just gave us one with the budget that takes effect today (July 1)” said Ali.

“The FY 2022 state budget is a bloated, pork filled spending plan that offers unsustainable spending levels that will mean higher taxes next year and for years to come,” added Ali.

“Everyone who is not an ardent big government, left wing progressive should be outraged at the enormous spending in this budget and the creation of more programs at a time when so many people in the state are climbing out of Gov. Murphy’s pandemic recession,” said Ali.

The FY 2022 budget, which was rushed through the statehouse without debate, represents a 34 percent increase in spending from the time Gov. Murphy took office three-and-a-half years ago. The new budget stands at $46.4 billion and is built largely on borrowing and federal Covid-19 handouts.

Ali said the budget is, “a blueprint for economic chaos” that calls for spending $4.4 billion more than the state expects to raise in revenue over the next year.

“The budget offers no real tax relief for middle class families, such as those in Morris County. There is no increase state aid to municipalities. And there is nothing in the budget that tells business owners throughout the country to come and invest in New Jersey,” said the chairwoman.

“This budget is nothing more than Phil Murphy playing Santa Claus to the far left progressive movement,” added Ali.

The chairwoman said she is encouraging all Republican candidates and activists to review the budget and use it at a rallying cry for the fall campaigns. “Working people in New Jersey simply can’t afford another four years of Phil Murphy and it doesn’t matter if you are a Republican an Independent or a Democrat. We need to bring fiscal responsibility to New Jersey.”

Ali said she will soon have the state budget and analysis posted on the MCRC website so people can review how the state spends their money.

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