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Election Day

Up until 8pm on Election Day

You can Return Your Ballot to the Drop Box nearest to you.

See Map Below.

On Election Day, You can Vote (paper ballot) in person at the County Clerk's office at 10 Court Street, Morristown from 6am - 8pm

Or you can Bring YOUR ballot, completed, that was received in mail to your polling location.  

Click Here for Your Polling Location

missing ballot.JPG

There is NO Machine Voting at the Polls

If you wait til Election day and don't bring your ballot that you received in the mail, you will have to vote a Provisional Vote (a paper one) will be counted last

Find Your Drop Box Location by Clicking on Map Below:












How to get your Vote By Mail ballot

As long as you are a registered voter, you will automatically receive a Vote By Mail ballot for the 2020 General Election.  All registered voters will begin receiving Vote By Mail ballots in early October.  When your ballot arrives, please fill it out and return it as soon as you can.  The earlier you send in your Vote By Mail ballot, the easier it is to track your ballot and confirm that it has been received and accepted. 

How to send in your Vote By Mail ballot

You can deliver your ballot in one of the fifteen secure drop boxes that will be located throughout the county.  The locations of the drop boxes will be in the following towns.  Exact locations will be provided shortly.

  • Long Hill

  • Mt. Olive

  • Chester Twp

  • Denville

  • Mendham Boro

  • Morristown Admin Bldg

  • Randolph

  • Roxbury

  • Wharton

  • Jefferson

  • Kinnelon

  • Montville

  • Parsippany

  • Rociaway Twp

  • Madison

You can also return your ballot via the US Postal Service, and the postage will be pre-paid. 

A third option is to hand deliver to the Board of Elections in Morristown. The address is 10 Court St, Second Floor Morristown, NJ 07960 973-285-6715.

A fourth option is to hand deliver to your polling location on Election Day.  The polls are not open for machine voting.  Only provisional voting will be taking place there.  Please don't use this option and get your vote in as soon as you receive it.

How to track your Vote By Mail ballot

Did you know that you can view your personal voter data?  Simply login to your New Jersey Voter Registration System account. If do not already have an account, you can set it up easily at

After you submit your Vote By Mail ballot. simply login at and navigate to your "Election History" or "Mail In Ballot History."  When your ballot has been received by your election official, the web page will display the "Ballot Received Date;" and once the ballot has been accepted, the "Ballot Status" will show as "Accepted." If your ballot hasn’t been received yet, it won’t be listed.

How to make sure you receive a ballot

Make sure you are registered to vote. You can check on the NJ Division of Elections page:

If you are not registered to vote, you must register to vote by October 13th.

If you have recently moved or want to update your address, contact the Clerk’s office right away: 973-285-6715.

What if there is a problem with the ballot?

You should receive your ballot by October 10.  If you don’t think you received it, immediately request a duplicate from the County Clerk’s Office: 973-285-6715.

If you lose or accidentally destroy your VBM Ballot, immediately request a duplicate from the County Clerk’s Office: 973-285-6715.

VBM ballots will be rejected if you fail to sign the ballot, and if you attempt to tape the ballot or if it is detached or damaged.

For more information

Please read the full statement from County Clerk Ann F. Grossi for detailed information on how the 2020 General Election will be conducted. Or you can visit the Morris County Election Center online.

 Turnaround and Timing is of the Essence!​
  • You can return your ballot via the US Postal Service as the postage is pre-paid.  You can also deliver your ballot in one of ten secure drop boxes located throughout the county (Morristown, Montville, Mt. Olive, Madison and Rockaway Township - five more locations to be announced soon).  A third option is to hand deliver to the Board of Elections in Morristown. The address is 10 Court St, Second Floor Morristown, NJ 07960 973-285-6715

    • ​Vote-By-Mail Drop Box Locations TBD

      • 1. Morris County Administration & Records Building 10 Court Street, Morristown NJ 07960 (Outside front entrance)

      • 2. Mount Olive Municipal Building 204 Flanders/Drakestown Road, Budd Lake NJ 07828 (Parking Lot entrance to Municipal Offices)

      • 3. Rockaway Twp. Municipal Building 65 Mount Hope Road, Rockaway, NJ 07866 (Outside Police Department)

      • 4. Montville Municipal Building 195 Changebridge Road, Montville, NJ 07045 (In front of Municipal Building)

      • 5. Madison Municipal Building Hartley Dodge Memorial Building 50 Kings Road, Madison, NJ 07940 (Behind Police Headquarters)​

drop box maps.JPG
drop box localtions.JPG
  • When you get your ballot, open it right away, read all the instructions and DO NOT throw anything away.

  • Fill out your ballot and use ONLY a pencil or ink pen (black or blue).  We encourage you to vote for every Republican race on the ballot.  Make sure you fill out the full circle dot, don't just check off.

  • You CANNOT vote for more candidates than is permitted or your vote will not count. So read the “Office Title” column carefully– it will tell you if you are voting for one (example, Freeholder) or two (example, Borough Council).

  • Fold your completed ballot and put inside the inner envelope, and seal it.

  • Fill out the “Certificate of Mail-in Voter” that is attached to the inner envelope. DO NOT DETACH. This self-certification is required to confirm that you filled out the ballot in secret and is required for your ballot to be accepted and to count. You are allowed an Assistor and if you are doing that, fill that section out.

  • Be sure you SIGN your NAME on the Certificate 

  • Place the completed inner envelope inside the pre-paid postage outer envelope and seal it

  • Submit your completed ballot via USPS, drop box, or in person

  • If someone other than the voter is delivering the ballot to the Board of Elections make sure that they fill out and sign the Bearer Section on the left-back side of the return envelope.
    Each Bearer may return only a max of three ballots


1. How can I Register to vote?

A: In 2020 the New Jersey Legislature passed online voter registration. That system will go online no later than September 4th.

Until then, you can go to and our site will bring you to the correct voter registration form for your county. You can fill out that form on your computer, print it, sign it, and mail it free of charge to your County Clerk.

2. When will I receive my ballot?

A: County Clerks will begin mailing out ballots on a rolling basis starting September 19th. All ballots must be mailed out by October 5th so you should receive your ballot no later than the second week of October. If you do not receive your ballot, contact your County Clerk directly. You can find their contact information here:

3. What do I do once I receive my ballot and cast my vote for our Republican candidates?

A: Return your ballot immediately by:

  1. Putting it in your mailbox.

  2. Deliver it to a secure drop box in your county.

  3. Personally deliver it to your County Board of Elections.

  4. Deliver it to your polling location on Election Day.

4. Will I be able to vote in person?

A: At least one polling location per municipality must be open to voters who wish to vote in person. Votes will be cast provisionally to prevent voters from voting twice. All registered voters will receive a mailing with the location information, and it will be posted online. Once all vote by mail ballots are counted, and the Board of Elections confirms you did not vote by mail, your provisional ballot will be counted.

5. How do I know my vote will be counted?

A: There is an equal amount of Republican and Democrat representatives on the Board of Elections who help process and count each ballot. You can call your County Board of Elections to make sure your ballot has been received or track your ballot to make sure it arrives on time by visiting:

6. Can I deliver my ballot in person?

A: Yes, you can hand deliver your ballot to your County Board of Elections. You can find their location here:

You can also hand deliver your ballot to a polling location on Election Day. Additionally, each county will have at least 10 secure drop boxes for voters to submit their ballots.

NJGOP recommends that you return your ballot to the County Board of Elections, or to one of the secure drop boxes, immediately, to ensure your vote is in and counted well before Election Day.

7. Is there a difference between a Vote by Mail ballot and an Absentee Ballot?

A: No. In New Jersey, all ballots for the General Election are the same.

8. Will my ballot identify my party affiliation on the envelope?

A: No. In the General election, the envelope for your ballot does not identify your party affiliation.

*Remember, your ballot must be mailed and postmarked on or before Election Day.

Visit the Morris County Clerk’s Website for

full information on VBM

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