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League of Women Voters Demonstrates Their Partisan Bias

Both campaigns know multiple offers to debate have been extended from other organizations, and we are currently exploring alternate dates. The truth is, we could not find a mutually agreeable time to debate with the League of Women Voters.

The fact that the League issued a press release attacking our candidate team a month out from the election and stating that we didn’t have time to debate shows just how partisan the group has become. This year, we negotiated with the League in good faith despite last year’s sparsely attended virtual debate which was unbalanced as incumbents were forced to remove their elected positions from their names on the Zoom interface.

We look forward to comparing our record of proven bipartisan leadership, with the Grayzel team’s tax-raising and pay-to-play record, while on a level-playing field.

-James Connor, Campaign Manager for LD25 Republican Candidates

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