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Coming off HUGE Win at Morris County Convention, LD 24 Winners Receive Major Endorsement


- Cite community links, strong conservative values and continuation of joint district office as key reasons -

Senator Steve Oroho, the Senate Republican Leader, and Assemblyman Hal Wirths, the Assembly Republican Budget Officer, announced their endorsement of Parker Space for Senate and Dawn Fantasia and Mike Inganamort for Assembly.

“Parker’s commitment to the district is without question,” said Senator Oroho. “The Space family has resided in Sussex County for generations, they’ve operated a successful small business, Space Farms, for decades, and have been very involved in the community as first responders and public servants. Constituents like to know that you’re accessible. Parker’s longstanding involvement in the community makes him relatable to residents, they trust his honesty and down-home nature, and they recognize that he’s a strong advocate for the issues that our district residents care about deeply.”

“Likewise, I have great respect for the qualities and passion that Dawn and Mike possess, and know they will complement Parker very well in representing the district. I have always respected Dawn for her work with charter schools, her fighting spirit and have certainly appreciated our working relationship on so many issues of importance to district residents. I also have known Mike and his family for many years and am glad to see younger leaders step up in our Party. Mike has a strong intellect, he’s a polished professional and a wonderful family man. Collectively, I think they make the strongest ticket for District 24.”

“Anyone that knows me knows I’m very passionate when it comes to the things that matter most to me,” said Assemblyman Wirths. “Whether I’m in Trenton or back home in District 24, I’m fighting for strong conservative ideals. I strongly believe in personal liberties, I’m pro-Second Amendment, a stalwart defender of law enforcement, pro-life, and a staunch advocate of smaller, smarter government that lessens the financial burdens on overtaxed residents. Steve, Parker and I share these values and I trust Dawn and Mike will be just as passionate in their defense of these core conservative principles in the state legislature. I believe our district would benefit greatly by their combined advocacy.”

“Parker, Hal and I share a true partnership that centers around our joint legislative district office,” continued Senator Oroho. “I’ve always said the most important thing we do as legislators is constituent service, and it’s also the most rewarding. One of the toughest aspects for me when I made the decision to not run for re-election was what was going to happen with our joint district office. So I’m proud that Parker stepped up and wanted to provide continuity of service. Dawn and Mike have made the commitment to operate in the existing joint district office with Parker and I know how positive that will be for District 24 and its residents.”

“Whether it’s help with unemployment, motor vehicles, taxation, state regulations, social services, or even changing a law, the issues that residents contact our office with needing assistance runs the gamut,” said Assemblyman Wirths. “Our joint legislative district office is staffed with well-known, well-respected professionals who know how to effectively navigate the intricacies of state government as well as the state legislature. From day one, there will be no learning curve with the team of Parker, Dawn and Mike because the District 24 joint office is already in place. That seamless transition will be immeasurable in providing quality services to district residents.”

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