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  • Laura Marie Ali, Chairwoman

Gov. Murphy, the Virus and Illegals

The hypocrisy of the Democratic party is consistently mind-blowing to me.

With the growing threat of the Delta variant of Covid-19 confronting us, Gov. Murphy is threatening to impose another mask mandate, and probably close more businesses -- putting more people out of work. Yet, the governor supports President Biden’s open borders policy that allow thousands of illegal immigrants to cross the border every day and enter the country untested for Covid-19. News reports say more than 7,500 new coronavirus cases have been reported in the Mexican border centers since April and that 30 percent of illegal immigrants are refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine. No one knows how many illegals who cross the border without detection are unvaccinated and untested.

Nevertheless, Gov. Murphy and his leftist backers supports Biden’s mishandling of border security and entice the illegals to N.J. by giving them all kinds of benefits that cost state taxpayers millions. Gov. Murphy and the leftists say the renewed virus problem is unvaccinated American citizens. But what about the untested, unvaccinated illegal immigrants? In King Murphy's world, unvaccinated New Jersey residents are bad and to blame, but unvaccinated illegal immigrants deserve a warm welcome with open, financially generous arms.

Declaring NJ, a Sanctuary State not only costs money, it poses a danger to our citizens. It’s time Gov. Murphy started protecting U.S. citizens and do more to turn away illegals

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