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Vote Column 2 on June 6th

Many ask why certain Candidates are all together on Column 2.  Here is the reason.

You elect your neighbors in your voting districts to represent you on The Morris County Republican Committee.  These people are the volunteers, the grassroots members that help our candidates get elected.  They are the ones that truly know our elected officials.  They know them up close and personal.  They also take the time to get to know the candidates.  They meet with them, they attend meetings with them.  Once a year, the entire committee (over 700 members from throughout Morris County) convenes together and votes on which candidates get to bracket together on the Morris County endorsed column.  Below you will find information on the candidates in Column 2 that have contested races.  Please support our candidates in Column 2 and help us keep Morris County the BEST county in New Jersey to live, work and raise a family.

Morris County Commissioner: Tayfun Selen

Tayfun won the Convention overwhelmingly nearly 3-1.

For the past four (4) years since Commissioner Selen was on the Board, there have been zero (0) tax increases at the County level.  Commissioner Selen is a successful business man, an American success story and a champion for our families and tax payers.  You can read more about him at

tayfun selen headshot.PNG
LD 26 Legislature: Senator Joe Pennachio, Assemblyman Jay Webber,
Assemblyman Brian Bergen

Joe, Jay and Brian won the Convention overwhelmingly. They are three of the most conservative voices in the legislature.  But even more importantly they are fighters for the taxpayers, residents and families. No one works harder than these three in Trenton.

LD 24 Legislature: Parker Space for Senate; Mike Inganamort and Dawn Fantasia for Assembly

Most exciting in this race is the opportunity to elect three solid conservatives to the State Legislature, including Chester Township Mayor Mike Inganamort. Mike was raised in Sussex County and is now a GOP leader right here in Morris County - a perfect candidate for this district to send to the State Assembly.  No surprise that Mike and his team of Parker Space for Senate and Dawn Fantasia for Assembly won our convention overwhelmingly and enthusiasm for Space-Fantasia-Inganamort team is strong.

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