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You need to be armed with knowledge and facts.
You probably don't have time to read every article or watch every news show....
This is Why MCRC is Creating....

Sarg’s Talking Points

Our State and our Nation are under attack from the Left. They want to implement policies that are not just wrong but dangerous. They believe the freedom that created the most successful, powerful and generous nation the world has ever seen is a failed experiment. They believe it should be replaced with a government controlled system where all is derived from the State, not the individual.


We must fight back, not just as a party but as individuals. We must push back every day with our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers and our families if necessary. No untruth can go unchallenged or it will become an accepted truth.


Our Nation, because of our President and his Administration is back on the road to the levels of respect and global dominance we have always expected and taken for granted for decades.


Our economy is on fire. The ending of stifling regulations and punitive taxes has unleashed the American entrepreneurial spirit and has led to unprecedented growth. We have the lowest unemployment in decades, in every category. Wages are growing and the stock market is at record levels.


We have a President who has funded and rebuilt our military after the previous administration watched it deteriorate. He respects and supports our members of law enforcement instead of prosecuting them like the Obama administration.


He has not been afraid to take on America’s adversaries. While his predecessor gave hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to Iran for terrorists; thought a reset button would slow Russian aggression; left American hostages in N Korea and still treated China as a friend……President Trump has put increased sanctions on Iran, Russia and North Korea. Just last week, he has sent a Carrier Task Force to the Middle East to insure we will be prepared to react to any hostile actions taken against our nation or our allies' interests. The world may not all love us but our allies respect us and our enemies fear us.


In our State the story is quite different as our governor and his administration have taken a different road. While our national picture is full of growth and optimism, our New Jersey picture is economic stagnation and a mass exit of our residents to other more affordable states. The Murphy administration has shown to be at best incompetent and at worst corrupt. Their solution to massive outward migration, our massive debt, long term liabilities and our financial malaise is raising taxes, more government programs, increased mandates on small businesses, making NJ a sanctuary state, not arresting illegal criminals and legalizing Marijuana. Legalizing marijuana, while our state and nation has a opioid crisis we can’t control.


In order to fight back, you need to be armed, armed with knowledge and facts, that’s why MCRC is creating Sarg’s Talking Points.


You may not have the time to read every article or watch every show, but we do! The Sarg will be forwarding articles and information of interest for your political arsenal. We hope you will share the knowledge and use it in your interactions daily.


We must take the fight to them; with your help we can save our state and protect the culture of our Nation.

Semper Fi,

Guy Gregg, MCRC Sergeant at Arms

United States Marine Corp


Former Legislator


"When you can't make them see the light....make them feel the HEAT!"....President Ronald Reagan